Phyllis Lynam

AIMIS Administrator

Phyllis currently serves as AIMIS Administrator. Phyllis has over 20 years of experience in Business Management and Event Administration. Phyllis handles the coordination of AIMIS Centers of Excellence and Physician Member affiliations and is the primary contact for AIMIS daily operations. Phyllis is responsible for creating and distributing AIMIS announcements and newsletters, ensuring AIMIS members are informed of essential information and new initiatives. Phyllis also manages content input on the AIMIS website.

Phyllis organizes all AIMIS surgical training seminars, conferences, and symposiums. Phyllis has extensive experience in event management and proficiency in communication with industry leaders.

Phyllis previously held the position of Business Manager of the Surgical Learning Institute and Nicholson Center For Surgical Advancement at Florida Hospital Celebration Health.