About Us - Background


AIMIS Mission Statement
To develop and designate affiliates and Centers of Excellence dedicated to minimally invasive procedures that safely benefit patients while reducing health care costs.

AIMIS began as a unique collaboration between an internationally noted physician and a leading innovator of surgical technologies.

Founded in 2008 by minimally invasive surgeon and pioneer Dr. Steven D. McCarus, and Mr. Christopher Guinn, AIMIS began in Las Vegas, Nevada, as an educational destination for teaching forward-thinking physicians advanced surgical techniques. Dr. McCarus and Mr. Guinn have partnered with numerous leaders in the medical device industry including Johnson and Johnson, Karl Storz Endoscopy America, Stryker and many more.

Today, Dr. McCarus spearheads an AIMIS Center of Excellence in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Guinn, continues to be the key liaison between industry and the surgical membership, together, they continue to grow the organization with member facilities across the nation. Partnerships with corporations, insurance providers and patient advocates to further the institute’s standing as an organization dedicated to pioneering procedures with greater safety, efficacy and efficiency.