Center of Excellence

AIMIS Mission Statement

To develop and designate affiliates and Centers of Excellence dedicated to minimally invasive procedures that safely benefit patients while reducing health care costs.

Become a Center of Excellence

COE Member Types

There are 3 Hospital Member Types:

COE (Center of Excellence)

Once a hospital (or surgical center) has completed and meets the AIMIS criteria, they will be recognized by AIMIS as a Center of Excellence. The COE will be recognized within the AIMIS Specialty Provider Network as well as enjoy complete access to all of the benefits that AIMIS has to offer.

ACOE ( Academic Center of Excellence)

In addition to enjoying all the benefits of an AIMIS COE, these centers are recognized for providing surgical training, technology development and research activities. Both academic and professional education is conducted at these hospitals

Hospital Affiliate

Hospitals at this membership level have committed themselves as well as their departments to provide and advance their MIP and MIS surgical skills for their patients. The hospital enjoys complete access to all of the benefits of AIMIS

Center of Excellence  Process

  • Join as an Affiliated Hospital of AIMIS: $7500 membership fee, which includes a site visit, annual renewal $4700
  • The hospital must have a Physician Champion or Accredited AIMIS member
  • Complete Data Collection
  • Clinical Review by AIMIS Clinical Advisory Board
  • Review of application and award is made.

Once established as a COE, annual updates on data collection must be conducted for review.

COE Criteria

  • Surgical Success Rate > 75%+
  • Complication Rate <5%
  • Conversion Rate: <10%
  • Readmission Rate:<5%

Center of Excellence Benefits

As an AIMIS Center of Excellence, you will benefit from a wide array of solutions and services. AIMIS provides a suite of benefits to enhance the clinical aspect of your practice. From compliance to best practice, we’ll help you achieve the highest standards – and maybe even set a few new ones.

•Facility and Physician Recognition
•Clinical Education and Training
•Patient Awareness
•Increased Competency in MIS
•Improved Safety
•Expert Surgeon Support
•Data Collection
•Overall Lower Procedural Costs
•Consumer Pull Through
•Comprehensive Marketing Opportunities

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