Membership Levels

Every AIMIS member will enjoy a partnership with an organization dedicated to your ongoing success.

Practice of Excellence

Surgeons at this membership level have committed themselves and their practice to provide MIP and MIS to their patients. The Doctor enjoys complete access to all of the benefits of AIMIS.

Accredited Physicians

Surgeons at this membership level have advanced their surgical skills and have become accredited by AIMIS. As an accredited member, the Doctor provides procedural and outcome data and is recognized by the health plans as a selected surgeon with financial benefits.

Membership Benefits

Benefits for all AIMIS members include:


Accreditation as a laparoscopic / robotic minimally invasive surgeon who strives for excellence.


AIMIS acknowledges you as a surgeon of excellence through transparency and accountability.


Access to the most recent technologies, surgical trends and tips for improved outcomes.


Receiving the innovative AIMIS Newsletter which focuses on current medical issues.


Promoting you as an advanced MIS surgeon on the AIMIS Website for patient consumers.

Industry Breakthroughs

Access to the latest industry medical device breakthrough items for surgeons.